Whiplash and Neck Strain

A sudden shock to the body can be frightening. A quick fall or smacking of the elbow is startling enough, but when you suffer from whiplash or other neck strain, it can bring terrible pain and great concern. The Pain Center cares about you, and we are ready to help you treat whiplash and neck pain.

What is Whiplash The Pain Center Boise

Any strong impact that causes your head to jerk backward or forward can cause problems. Often, this quick and unexpected force will stretch or perhaps tear tendons or muscles in your neck. We refer to this as neck strain, but many use the common term "whiplash."

  • Pain while tilting your head from side to side or moving front-to-back
  • Stiffness or pain while moving your head to look over your shoulder
  • Tenderness of the cervical (neck) area
  • Neck tightness
  • Muscles feeling knotted
  • A limited range of neck motion
  • Headache starting at the base of the skull and spreading toward the forehead

Any sudden external force applied to the body may result in neck strain. Although frequently associated with car accidents, professional and amateur athletes also suffer from this condition. Horse riding, abuse, and many other causes exist.

Age and other factors may place someone at additional risk for this condition:

  • Vehicle travel
  • Participation in contact sports
  • Small children and infants
  • Older age
  • History of previous whiplash diagnosis
  • Existing lower back or neck pain

While neck strain does not frequently lead to long-term problems, studies indicate those who suffer severe stiffness and cervical pain after an accident may have prolonged disability for a year or more.

Accidents and unexpected body impacts are unpreventable, yet you may be able to lessen the extent of future neck strain with these tips:

  • Give yourself regular breaks with neck stretching during extended periods of sitting
  • Use muscle-strengthening exercises designed for your neck

The Pain Center is dedicated to diagnosing and treating your neck pain caused by this condition and others. Our team of pain specialists is well-qualified to explore your concerns, give you answers, and provide effective treatment. Contact The Pain Center for help.

Whiplash Symptoms The Pain Center Boise

How Can The Pain Center Help Me?

Pain specialists at The Pain Center can provide various treatment forms to reduce or eliminate neck pain from neck strain and whiplash. Some treatments include:

If you suffer chronic neck pain due to whiplash and traditional options have not helped, please contact The Pain Center for a consultation.


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