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When you are in pain & in need of pain relief, your doctor may ask you where the pain is & the intensity of that pain. This is important because nerve pain & muscle pain different in treatment. To learn more about the differences between nerve pain & muscle pain read more of this Pain Center blog.
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If an individual is suffering from chronic pain in the neck, shoulders, or arms, this could be symptomatic of nerve damage in the cervical spine. To help treat this pain, a procedure known as a cervical selective nerve root block (SNRB) can help relieve this pain in the form of an injection. 
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Steroids reduce the body's inflammatory response, leading to welcome pain relief. A pain specialist will inject these medications into large or small joints of the body such as a wrist, elbow, or ankle, although the back is another common site. To learn more about steroid injection, read more.
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Back pain is frustrating, annoying, & in some cases, unbearable. It can result from any number of things, but most back problems originate from the spine. If one of the discs in your spine slips out of place & results in a herniated disc, it could cause some major irritation for surrounding nerves.
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For patients considering visiting a pain specialist for the first time, there are many questions that need to be answered. Confusion about what a pain specialist is and what the process of treatment involves is very common - fortunately, curing pain is nowhere near as daunting as it may seem.
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Chronic back pain is one of the most common types of chronic pain people suffer from. In the US, the lifetime prevalence of back pain is around 80% between the ages of 45-64. If you are suffering from back pain, then you are not alone, read more to learn about Chronic Pain with Pain Center.
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Cancer is the 2nd principal cause of death and was the cause of around 9.6 million deaths in 2018. Worldwide, about 1 in 6 deaths is due to cancer. Approximately one-third of adults who are actively undergoing cancer treatment & 2/3 of those with an advanced stage of cancer experience pain.
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A pain center is a healthcare facility that specializes in the diagnosis & management of chronic pain. A pain center works with patients to reduce or eliminate chronic pain to improve their quality of life. A pain center may also teach the patient skills to manage chronic pain on their own.
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More than 100 million US adults suffer from chronic pain. Chronic pain doesn’t go away easily, & it can make your life miserable. It can keep you awake at night, make you miss work, make you irritable, & keep you away from leisure activities. If you want to learn more about chronic pain, read more.
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When pain becomes chronic or stubborn, we usually give up on treatment & start to adjust to it. However, living with pain is not easy. It can affect your physical, emotional & psychological health. It can cause depression, anxiety, insomnia, & stress. If you have back pain contact The Pain Center.
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