Peripheral Nerve Stimulation

Your provider places tiny electrodes above the nerves causing your chronic pain. The electrodes are connected to a microchip that sends mild electrical impulses into the nerve. These impulses block the pain signals, preventing them from reaching your brain.

To be considered for PNS, you first have a nerve block targeting the occipital nerve. If an injection of a local anesthetic relieves your pain, you move on to a PNS trial.

During the trial, the PNS electrodes are placed under the skin near the nerve. After wearing the electrodes for a short time, you can decide if they relieve your pain enough to implant the wires and microchip receiver.

Your provider implants the PNS components using anesthesia and a small incision that allows them to place all the pieces under your skin. After the device is implanted, you need to wear a small antenna in an undergarment to stimulate the receiver microchip.

We utilize two PNS Systems:


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